Upcoming Promos

So, to make it official, the first post concerning the upcoming Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel series of the Saga of Anaimon. The hard-working team at Horizon Publishing Group are busy behind-the-scenes, as am I working on the various promotional materials and extra goodies for those who buy the first copies. There’ll be a few competitions and give-aways accompanying the launch of the first book, along with the particulars on how to enter and what you can win later.

Among other things, there is an ambient soundtrack album being developed, character portraits by a few talented local artists, world maps and a sizeable Lore of Anaimon compendium that fully details much of the ethnographic and geographic, flora, fauna, theological and all manner of topics between concerning the world of Anaimon and its’ rich histories. I’m also working on a much larger associated project, but can’t say much more than that until a few more details have been confirmed.

In the coming months leading up to the book launch, some of the behind-the-scenes info on these works will be published as well as a few competitions for a lucky select few who could win a chance to participate and contribute to the promotional material!

Meanwhile, check out Horizon Publishing Group’s website and Facebook for more details on other fantastic novels, both fiction and non-fiction.

Horizon Publishing Group

Horizon Publishing on Facebook


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