Though long overdue, the publishing phase is nearing completion, and with it, the awkward realisation of how sorely neglected the Blog has been. However, if you’ve frequented the blog, or run your eye over it before, you’ll notice a few changes – with a lot more to come. I’ll be providing some of the general information about the first book of the Anaimon saga; The Starfall, along with more detailed information about the different peoples therein. Naturally I don’t want to give it all away too soon, but more details will follow on a regular basis once the novel is published. And as you can see above, the tasty final cover has been released.


The final proof has been reviewed and completed, and it’s looking fantastic. Typesetting is neat and well-formatted, and there were few errors in either the typeset or the final MS itself (it pays to ruthlessly and repetitiously proof-read!!). With this crucial element completed, little more remains than to await with great anticipation the printing and subsequent release of my first novel. A proud moment, indeed.


A lot of my promotional efforts are beginning to take shape. Largely content-based, I’ll be uploading images and hopefully the completed book trailer in the coming weeks. There’s a few other surprises, as aforementioned quite some time ago, though personal circumstances (new baby, young children,work, etc) dictate how I spend much of my time. Nonetheless, it’s all going well and will be available shortly.


Thoughts and comments welcome...

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