Book Trailer and Exciting Developments!

Good news, expectant fans! The release date of the first novel in the epic new fantasy saga of Anaimon is almost here; August hopefully though with a small and unavoidable delay by the Printing Press, it may be put back a little further.

To help whet your appetite in the meantime, here is the trailer for the novel, Anaimon: The Starfall. An entertaining project done on a shoestring budget (or less). I hope you enjoy watching it as it was an immensely enjoyable experience making it, and certainly humbled my own approximations as to the effort and synergy required to create even an amateur film.

Another exciting announcement is that I have begun working on an Audiobook version of the novel. The production team and I have recently acquired some additional and industry-standard recording resources, so for those bereft of sufficient time or inclination for consumption of the written word, the Audiobook is in development. I’ve also started a Twitter account, so for small teasers and other interesting digressions about all things Anaimon, follow me on Twitter as Whispering Swarm!

Check out the trailer via the link below, and let me know what you think!

Anaimon: The Starfall Book Teaser Trailer


Thoughts and comments welcome...

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