The New Year ahead

I inadvertently overlooked a post regarding the upload of the maps for the major continents of Renth, Heddenlach, Maetocra, and Tahnmoor. So, profuse apologies, they are now available via the top navigation menu.

The sequel to Anaimon: The Starfall is coming along nicely, with organic propagation and some intriguing twists that I had not anticipated. Creative extrapolations seem fuelled as much by happenstance as by the ephemeral, sub-conscious exhortations that inspire me. In essence then, good news for everyone reading The Starfall (and for those disconcertingly alacritous readers who’ve already consumed it!).

I’ve been tied up with the holiday season (as most people were/are still for the lucky ones) but I anticipate having some of the character fan art available in the coming weeks, along with some more detailed regional maps of the world of Anaimon.

Hope everyone had a scintillating and resplendent holiday season, and is ready to shed the trappings of the past and engage all of the grandeur and marvels that new opportunities can yield.

As a final aside, my amazing wife and adorable children indulged me for Yuletide – one of a kind, sumptuous, grandiloquent, and pride of place in the ever-expanding personal library.


Thoughts and comments welcome...

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