Juggling is a remarkable skill

As a writer (if it’s permissible for me to identify as such yet), I’ve heard of the dreaded writer’s block. And perverse as it may sound, I cannot fathom it. My problem is the inverse; far too many ideas and options and avenues to explore and extrapolate into voluminous narratives that it can be a tad overwhelming at times.

Hence, my fascination with juggling. Balancing the various endeavours of one’s life to facilitate the optimal circumstances for writing one work is difficult enough; so it’s acutely bizarre to face the daunting prospect of multiple volumes across multiple series.

I would, however, encourage any budding writer to pursue their imagination relentlessly; invest in it, cultivate it, let it roam and wander through the early hours and the dusk thereafter. Having several ‘options’ isn’t a matter of hedging bets, more that relishing a passionate, cherished hobby and having commensurate good fortune and creative stimulation to craft several diverse worlds compel me to play in several sandboxes.

Constantine remarks that ‘God is a kid with an ant farm’. I would ratify that sentiment with regard to my own works – there are so many wondrously engaging things to explore with fiction, and it’s important to seek challenges to help growth and progression of your talents and style.

To that end, I’ve been working outside my usual genre and style pursuing a considerably valuable opportunity that will stand external to my Anaimon series. With Gods propitiated for their benevolence, I hope I am successful, though if I fall short, I am thoroughly grateful for having had the opportunity at all to stretch my creative inclinations beyond the trappings and comforts I am accustomed to.

Anaimon is also listed on Goodreads now with a few reviews, though I would politely  request your own respective appraisals and feedback. I enjoy the hell out of my book, but it’s always nice to know how others have received my humble efforts.


Thoughts and comments welcome...

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