De Iucundus Opus

I broached, and indeed, traversed beyond the threshold of the first third of my current efforts composing the sequel to Anaimon: The Starfall. Having broken the 100k word mark on the sequel, the manuscript is taking shape nicely, with substantial elucidation and elaboration punctuated with some heart-palpitating moments that developed rather organically.

As such, there were a few scenes that were originally unplanned or in a differential sequence; such was the inspiration that they mandated my concerted focus which was commensurately applied. Few things in life are as compelling or delightful as crafting and cultivating a work with the written word; doubly so when the framework and narrative of the aforementioned work are drawn wholly and solely from the imagination of the author. So it is that the sophomore novel continues in develop with an end goal of, a little optimistically, year’s end – replete with this gleeful and animated author writing in furious bursts between life’s wonders and the small novelties of daily life.

I must also extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to another local author and indefatigable community commentator Mark Booker, who has provided a small feature of Anaimon: The Starfall in the September edition of his compact community newsletter. There is sadly a conspicuous absence of news and interests from my local town in much of contemporary mainstream media, so it makes for a humbling reflection indeed to find one both amiable and consistent in its focus (and certainly doesn’t hurt to get a positive nod in my direction).

Have a browse of the article, and for the locals, more of Mark’s excellent coverage of all things relating to the village here: Lambton Local.

Finally, I’ve uploaded some of the character art and corrected the purchase links for the Paperback and E-book editions of Anaimon: The Starfall. Should your artistic proclivities be so inclined, I’d love to see some more pieces. It’s one thing to visualise a particular character in your mind, and another to see that character so vividly fleshed out before your eyes.


Thoughts and comments welcome...

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