Inspiration Ethereal

I walked alone through the sand, sharing the intimacy of the early morning with none but myself. Clouds, distant and voluminous, betrayed the commencement of the sun’s lambent ascendancy. And as the creeping tide swept in about my legs, the crisp chill of the ocean’s infinity ensconcing, a suddenness overcame me. I continued, allowing myself to wander deeper inward, whilst my body paced forward methodically across the shore-break. Rockpools punctuated my journey; an occasional downward glance to check the stability of my footing and the surfaces upon which I was treading, heading in a direction I felt, rather than consciously selected.

At the precipice of the foremost rock formation, barely inches above the water level, I knelt, eyes closed and head bowed in solemn reverence, communing with the Gods, extolling their virtues, and offering in propitiation my earnest gratitude. Neither subservient nor undignified in my obeisance. The waves rolled in. The infinity of the ocean embraced me. A breath, an exhalation, and I opened my eyes. The sun rose, majestic and awesome, to imbue the world with light and warmth, to renew the energies of living motion once more.

And at that threshold of a spiritual singularity, I felt the stirring notion that I had seen this before. That I was not as I am, or was, but as I might yet become; and in that edifying moment, a recognition, imagining that I could almost see the first of the twin suns had risen to grace the dawn of Anaimon.

A fanciful notion propagated by introspection and a deep, humble appreciation of the sacred natural energies that govern our world. So fixated upon the modern, many overlook the fundamental essence that facilitates life. In that fleeting, all-encompassing sense of oneness, I found a familiar visage staring at me through the veil. The concordant suns a blossoming radiance behind. And I recalled what must become of that face, and the one who wears it.

One pares the veil, seeking those roots which no man can know. And in sacrifice, one sheds past, present, future; a becoming of an otherness unto oneself.

Until Melrakki claims.


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