Negation of light, for remains only the chasm

Abjuration of meaning, for everything withers and falls

Deny the illusions projected thus, for nothing will endure

Aloft in the currents of time and the infinite spectrum, the void devours all

Existence drowns, wordlessly crushed by monoliths of emptiness

Nothing is all and one

Extinguishing the final flames, a sombre pyre for life itself

In the charnel waste and future ruin, no destiny yet persists

Time buries entirety, all becomes the end

Drowned in torrents of dust and the temporal chasm, the abyss gnaws the bones

Decaying, crowned, excoriated; agony, bereft

Nothing is all but one

Death of sound and sight, the realm for one, as none,

Emptiness nascent, denuding from the ruined ones their All,

The sprawling oblivion of Timelessness that naught shall survive to observe

Guttered out, the animate forces of energy and movement,

The future ruin

Failing, silent, gone

Nothing is all, and none


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