Nightscape-dream becomes one with the starlight

The Fires of Sun, Stars and Moon are aligned,

Abstract in absentia, the formless eternal

Surreptitiously echo the cries

Climbs the Scardrake; a mountain of hunger, salival and yearning

To expunge and devour;

A Champion arises, cosmic-born, with no sire,

Dauntless virtue and courage, stalwart one thus aspires

Sweeps the starlight of the Champion into the cavernous emptiness

Ancient sentience awakening, stretching, from where it has lain forever

Sprawling for centuries in every direction

Scardrake yearns; so it has hungered,

So it must feed

Upon all light

The Champion, wandering nether-realms of darkness and hate

Assailed by foes, courage prevailing, cleaving the swarms

Scardrake strikes, a chasm to devour the world

The Champion raises the weapon to wrathfully smite the foe

Vibrant scar-fires thrashing and writhing,

Resplendent the Champion’s blade rises and falls

Shale-scaled Lernaean drinking the future and past; downcast, and one

Stymphalian, ever-wrought bronze, the threnody screech, the stultified thrall

Scardrake lay gutted and sundered, viscerally dissected

The Champion has bested timeless malevolence

To reach, and fall, to tear the very heavens asunder

Twin-willed; appositionally birthed and bespoken of

All that could never endure

In defiance of beckoning silence, serenading the exultation

The hero climbs wearily to stand, and fight, once more


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