Samnadrinn, annask thik thairna

Wind-swept sprawling emptiness, a skyline infinite,

The temporal and squall-wracked rage, the lashing, roiling waves,

Belligerent, such mighty sundering strength, recedes to loam and stone

Expanse of grainy tactile soil bleached soft beneath the sun, upon

Where rare their footsteps fall, no trailing lineage beyond

Cold hinterland that slowly upward yields, accession to plateau

Where timeless pillars of timbers green and silvering-grey, aloft and firm to stand

A threshold ward of mustering dusk, while crackling embers call the wayward home

Rowing-tomb, Sjorinnhleypa shucked from wardens felled in warmer climes

And wisdom, Melrakki’s capriciousness, bemused; carved out of time,

Inculcation revenant, to restore what once was lost,

The taken-torn, by sea-spawned maws, grey eyes reflect the clouds

From where they sit beholden to the harrowing mantle-hope

Brine-clad, calling, the bracken nest, chasm-fathomless below,

Contemptuous, pallid skies becalm plains silent, strewn with foam,

Ponderous wandering nether-wrath yet dwells beneath the surf,

Indifferent, cold, the languid ocean’s hunger aches, subsumed ‘neath hollow spume

The gentle slapping, rhythm-damned, sails tattered; worn

And hand-wrung cloying threads of cloth, ensconce with chill, Samnadrinn forlorn

No oars to plume and pace the seas, and Spjor-locks splinter buckled dreams

No oars to heave and chase the suns, and sallow-faced the oceans run

Across the seas, a wordless tome,

Bereft, the shore, alone

Howling holds the barren-tongued, desolate Ekkjagrunnrinn,

And Skjairnal-sunken, ruin-wrought, a pyre-final glance

Grows dark, benighted storm-bruised wash, and guards the vengeful tide

Remembered life aggrieves such death, for timidly, they swim

To dream of hearths once-warmed,

And reach their home, no more

Ver muna, ver harma

Avalt Kaldr edha vesall

It asks, and they answer true:

Ver Aedhra



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